Homeschool Legacy Once-a-Week Micro Studies ~ Review


We are absolutely in love with Homeschool Legacy and unit studies. Last year we were able to review Lewis and Clark. This time we received the Once-a-Week Micro-Study of Many Nations.

The Homeschool Legacy curriculum helps us break up our routine with fun history studies that don’t take a lot of time. They are quick and easy to prepare. They add much to our homeschool!

You have probably heard the term “unit study” but may not know what that actually is. Well, Homeschool Legacy Unit Studies are hands-on ways of learning about the world around you, both past and present. Because they are so interactive it really brings history to life! They also integrate in other subjects like social studies, art, cooking, and more. By using a variety of creative teaching/learning techniques these studies accommodate to a many different learning styles and ages. One thing that I really like about Homeschool Legacy unit studies is that I can teach one lesson to my multiple ages and have everyone understand and enjoy the study. My youngest may not take art in all the activities, but she also doesn’t get left out either.

The study that we chose this time around was “Many Nations”. My girls love learning about this time period of history. It is geared toward grades 1-8, however, my Kinder Kid liked joining in on some of the activities as well.

This micro study is designed to only take up 30 minutes 3x per week. So we could easily fit it into our already packed days. Even better from my stand point is that I haven’t had to do any prep work since downloading the unit study and going trough and printing out the activities in the extra links of each lesson.

The Many Nations study is teaching us about several different Native American tribes throughout America long before European settlers arrived. We are learning about the Northeast Woodland, Southeast, Southwest, and Plains nations. Specifically, the Iroquois, Cherokee, Navajo, and Plains Indians. We are learning how they lived, what kind of homes, what they ate, hunted, and grew. This is the perfect study as we quickly approach Thanksgiving time. You can see a sample of Many Nations Here. 

We have made models of a long house, made a hatchet, and paper Indian dolls. We have also learned a few words and letters of the Cherokee language and written sentences. It was interesting how that was one of the first written word that Native Americans had.

We have also really enjoyed reading the book “Sing Down the Moon” by Scott O’Dell.This book is the recommenedd reading to accompany the Many Nations study. It was available on Amazon as a paper back for fairly cheap. It is a story based on history of the Navaho Indians in 1863-1865 and “The Long Walk” (similar to the Trail of Tears). My girls LOVED this book!

They also are really liking the Many Nations Study from Homeschool Legacy. They can’t wait to dive into it and beg to incorporate it in everyday!

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What did other Homeschool Review Crew Members thank about this and other unit studies from Homeschool Legacy?

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