Kwik Sticks from The Pencil Grip

Almost a year ago I was introduced to Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Sticks from The Pencil Grip. You can see that review here.

They are tempera paint sticks that dry super fast. They kind of remind me of glue sticks only in paint form. My kids love them! I do too, they are mess free and easy. It makes art time fun instead of dreading it because of the huge mess left behind.

The original Kwik Stixs come in a variety of colors such as; classic, neon, and metalix. A varying range of package selections also. Find all Kwik Stix buying options here.

NEW to KWIK STIX are the Thin Stix.

These are the same great product only now in a new slimmer form. That makes them easier to use for more detailed projects. My older girls FLIPPED when they arrived. They have always liked the Kwik Stixs but with the size of the originals it made them hard to use for more “grown up” projects. My littles still love and use the heck out of the originals. My olders like having the thins all to themselves!

Even more exciting…. Kwik Stix are now available on and Target. They are also super affordable!!!!!

They would make a fantastic addition to an Easter basket for a candy free treat! Or, buy them now before all you Easter crafting projects begin! Help make your Easter mess-free and fun!!!!

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