Grapevine Studies :Creation to Jacob – Review

Grapevine Studies Review
When this review was posted on the TOS Crew, I have to admit, I had never heard of GrapeVine Studies. I must be living under a rock, right? But once I looked through their awesome stuff, I was thrilled to receive Old Testament 1: Level 1 Creation to Jacob.

Let’s start by talking about GrapeVine Studies in case your like me and it’s new to you.

Their studies begin at level “Beginner” for prek-k (5-7) and go through “Level 4” for 7th – 8th grade (12-14). They also have several topical studies to chose from also that are geared for ages 7 and up.

Here is some Information about Levels with the ages to help you get the idea.

Grapevine Studies Review
I was also confused about where to start. I chose the beginning so that my youngest could get caught up to our current Bible quizzing story. But they have help for you to decide what works for you in their How to Choose?  Where to Start? page.

Grapevine Studies Review
They also provide some Sample Lessons for you to browse and try before you buy.

They have three different book options in most of the levels. All levels you can purchase the “Student” and “Teacher” books. But some levels also offer a “Traceable” version. I received the teacher and a traceable. I really like the traceable since I was gearing the study toward my youngest and using it only for review for my older two. The traceable takes the frustration out of the drawing for the younger or special needs kiddos.

So now on to what I got…. Creation to Jacob – Teacher and Traceable

Grapevine Studies Review
I really like how the teachers book is laid out. It is designed to be a study for 12 weeks, or a 45 day lesson study. The teachers book includes lesson notes, timelines, stick figure drawings, memory verses, and reviews. All the extra supplies needed I already had! But in case you don’t the list is minimal and includes Bible, dry erase/chalk board, 8 different colors of markers/chalk, and a Bible Dictionary. The students only require Bible, Grapevine study book, and colored pencils.

The Grapevine teaching method is to learn the timeline of events then fill in the rest of the Bible passages, characters, and events. Basically, you let them see the big picture before filling n the smaller details. My kids liked this method because they could see where they were headed. After the timeline is covered for the week, students then study each lesson by reading Bible passages and then drawing stick figures or symbols to remember what is read.


I also really like how the study is set up to be “Teacher-Directed Doctrine”. It allows me to teach what we believe to my children without the fear of running into something that is contrary to what we believe. It is set up to be nondenominational then you add in your specific denomination’s catechism.

All in all, we really enjoyed this format of studying the Bible. I was able to see what they remembered or felt was important on the student review pages where they drew their own figures of what they remembered happening. It also allowed them to write their memory verse if you are choosing to memorize the assigned verse.

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Grapevine Studies Review


The Brinkman Adventures – Review

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review
My girls love audio books. They listen to them during quiet time when the little ones are napping. They also enjoy them on long car rides and since we have to travel a lot for Dr. appointments it is nice to have something to keep them occupied. We even pop them in during the day to keep our screen time down. I am privileged to review The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 from Brinkman Adventures.

Brinkman Adventures is a radio drama series that excites listeners while telling them true stories of modern day Christian heroes. The Brinkman family is a fictional large family that goes on fun adventures. They travel to Papua New Guinea,the Bering Sea, Alaska, the Sudan, and much more. However, during their adventures they tell real life stories of Missionaries and how God has protected and worked through these modern day Christian heroes. They also help children understand family situations like loss of a job and sticking together even when times can be hard.

I received the third season of the Brinkman Adventures. This season included four discs with three episodes per disk. That’s 12 episodes!!!!! or 5 Hrs of exiting Christian entertainment. There are two formats to purchase Season 3, Cd’s cost $27.99 and MP3 download is $17.99. We prefer the Cd version so we can pop it into the car or home stereo since we aren’t very techy.

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review
They would make great Christmas or Birthday gifts! Or just because gifts!!!! If your going on a family car trip for the holidays or just a vacation, they will make the car time fly by and help the kids stay entertained. (less fighting among themselves!!!!!!!!!!!)

My girls loved the stories and I didn’t mind listening to them either. Each story taught good Christian values like evangelism, God provides, and getting along with each other. They also helped them learn and understand what Christians in other countries face. One story talked about the dangers of smuggling Bibles into other countries. Another talked about Operation Christmas Child and delivering shoe boxes which my kids enjoy packing each Christmas season. It brings the stories to life and helps them understand what missionaries have to go through to share the love of God with others. The stories are interesting and hold their attention. They are broken up nicely into short segments so if you don’t have a ton of time you can listen to just one.

We had never heard of or listened to any of the Brinkman Adventure series. I was afraid that jumping into Season three might be confusing or the girls might be lost and not understand the stories. But, They did a good job tying us in and catching us up in the first episode. Each Season can stand alone without hearing the others.


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Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

disclaimer_zps7f3b646c Review #2 – Faith Of Our Fathers Review no 2

We love movies at this house! But it is so hard to watch them on live TV. First problem, we live just outside the cheap TV and internet range in our town. Not many options are available to us except satellite.  Second problem, it is hard to find family friendly and safe things to watch on network and satellite channels. Even if the movie is “safe”, the commercials are NOT!!!! As parents, we are protective of what our children are exposed too. Even if it isn’t necessarily bad shows, character attitudes an rebellious vocal tones rub off. Also most hold no real moral value at all. You can never completely know what the hidden agenda may be.  I am so  glad to be  chosen again to do a review of This time we received the movie “Faith Of Our Fathers“.

Who is is an online Christian movie store that helps us bring good quality and safe movies into our homes. Their goal is to bring you  “The Greatest Christian and Family-Friendly Films in the World at Great Prices”.

They offer a large variety of titles in many different genres. Some of the popular titles include: When Calls The Heart, Son of God, Escape, Love Comes Softly, Unbroken, The Lorax, Veggie Tales, and more. They also have Comedy, Bible Teaching, Children’s, Biography, Documentary, and Holiday sections to browse through. Special interest areas such as Spanish and Catholic films are also available. Many of the titles can also be purchased in Blu-Ray format.

Each title listed in their company has been reviewed by a team of reviewers to save you time in deciding what is worth watching and what you may want to skip. This is helpful since their are so many movies available in our culture today. Their reviews can help determine what films are suitable for your family. You can find most of these reviews on their blog page.

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Faith Of Our Fathers” is about two me who go on a quest to find out who their father’s were and what they stood for 25 years after their young fathers had died. The two fathers were on the battlefield of the Vietnam war. One father was a man of faith while the other full of doubt. One had an infant son and the other a pregnant wife at home. Sons they would never meet.

The two son then begin to discover who their fathers were as they travel to The Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. While during their journey reading a series of letters that their fathers had sent home those many years ago. They discover the love that the fathers they never knew had for them.

I really like this movie! The story had a good premise and message. the two dads bonding over their love for sons they would never meet while the two sons searching to know who their fathers were and what they stood for. One family were Christians while the other were struggling for answers. The redemption message that was shared. The great tribute to a father who loved and served Christ and the legacy that it passed to his son even though they had never meet. I liked how the movie flashed from the current sons back to the fathers at war. The movie was filled with emotions…Some funny, some sad and heart wrenching, suspense and joy. It is a great movie all for the price of $9.99!

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