Put Me In The Zoo!



Continuing on in our wubbulous world of Dr. Seuss, we read “Put Me in the Zoo” today!

After reading this fun book we created our own spotted creatures using paper plates, do-a-dot markers, and construction paper.





Finished off our book theme with a fun breakfast lunch with “Put Me in the Zoo” pancakes!



What Dr. Seuss activities are you doing this week?

My Funny Valentine Lunch!

We are in full party mode here and you can’t have a party without FUN FOOD!

Here is our FUN FOOD FRIDAY…Valentine’s style!



Let’s start with the sandwich…Gourmet Grilled Cheese!

My girls love grilled cheese but they especially love it when you make it Gourmet!!!!

I started with cream cheese, softened with garlic salt and pepper added. Spread that on one side of the bread. Next, I added ham and muenster cheese or turkey and provolone cheese. Then, your ready for the grilled part. I used the waffle maker for this and it gave them a really nice texture.



And…Just because it is Valentine’s Day, cut them with a large hart cookie cutter!



We also had heart strawberries. I just cut the stems off at an angle creating a V then sliced them.



Carrot sticks…but not just any carrot sticks…heart carrot sticks!



Finally, JELLO Jigglers cut into heart shapes with gummy hearts on top!



No meal is complete without a fancy drink, right? Today we had milk dyed pink in plastic champagne glasses.