Hearts for Home ~ 6-4-15

hearts for home

It is a busy week here at the Hoggatt homeschool. It is dance recital week and the 1st week of ball season!!!!! It is this time of year that I think we may have joined crazy town. Until I remember that fair Month is next month haha.

Here are some snap shots form our week so far!

20150601_204844 20150601_204931






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Hearts for Home ~ 5-28-15

hearts for home


It has been awhile since I joined in the Hearts for Home Blog Hop. But, I am trying to get back on schedule after settling into our new summer schedule.


What is happening…

The girls have begun their ball practices and before we know it we will be spending three nights a week at the ball fields. It will be fun watching them as they learn new things and play with their teammates. This is Ashlee’s first year so you know that will be entertaining.

We have the first show of the year under our belt. The girls did great showing in Fredonia at the ADGA show. I am thankful for a little break before the next shows.




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Hearts for Home ~ 4-16-15



Wow!!What a week!!!! It has been so busy here on the farm and in our homeschool that last week I didn’t eve realize that it was Thursday! So, I missed last week’s link up.

But I remembered this week thanks to my friend Linda at Apron Strings and Other Things! Haha

It seems like my house is crawling with a baby everything and this week we added MORE BABIES!!!!! Meet the new (and mostly temporary) babies of the Triple-A-Farm!!!!


Kit Kat (who was our new kitty last year and will be staying) with her contribution to the farm!


Her 5 adorable kittens!


Zuma! (Ashlee talked Daddy into letting her keep one since she doesn’t get a baby goat!)

Luckily other than the kittens my house is now farm baby free! We have moved the ducks in with the big mama goats where they are having a good time swimming in their pool and hunting bugs in the grass.

Little chicks are now in the grow out pen and doing just that…GROWING!!!!

Baby goats are still in the crib in the ilk barn but not for long. They have now discovered they can jump out but luckily only when we go to feed them their bottles.

All the big animals great and small are settling into the new routine nicely and that has cut my chore time down to half!

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