Educeri (a division of DataWORKS) Lesson Subscription Service ~ Review

Educeri Lesson Subscription Service Reviews

Lesson planning can turn into a full time job. Especially when you add in multiple grades/ages. Luckily, there is Educeri …….  Educeri a division of DataWORKS that has lessons for grade K-12 for a wide variety of subjects available with their Educeri Lesson Subscription Service. They offer over 1000 Ready to Teach Lessons!

Even if you have lessons/curriculum that you love using, there is always at least one area that your child will struggle with. Educeri Lesson Subscription Service can help by offering a new look and fresh ideas to help over come that hurdle in your child’s education.

Educeri are committed to creating and providing excellent lessons that are available with just a click of a mouse. We received unlimited access to all the lessons. It is a huge time saver to be able to find lessons plans by topic, grade level and subject area. A simple search can help you narrow down the topic/s you are looking for.

We don’t buy a certain curriculum for Kindergarten. I pick and choose activities that will help re-enforce concepts that we need to learn. The Educeri Lesson Subscription Service has made that super easy. You really could just get it all in one stop. Units like telling time, counting, making predictions, comparing texts, addition, writing, determining message of a story, and much much more are right at your finger tips. For the older students, there are multiplication & division reviews, fractions, place value practice, language arts, writing, sentence structure, and more. This is very useful for those of us that have students that are academically all over the place. I have one in 4th grade math but 5th grade everything else. By being able to pick and choose levels you aren’t boxed into one set grade

You could use this as a stand alone curriculum, summer review, or just add in’s to your day. We mainly used the Kindergarten material but, we plan on using the other throughout the school breaks as review. It is also helpful for me as the teacher to go through and see if there is any area that my students may be lacking in their current curriculum. Since we have no real road map or contact with the public school system, I have used it as a “what my kids should know when” guide. One of my fears of homeschooling is that I will miss teaching them something that they need to know and use. I found that the grade sort helped in this. If I saw a concept that we have not yet covered I just added it into the lesson plans.

Each lesson is taught in a slide show format (kind of like PowerPoint). Using motion and graphics to illustrate the concepts. My Kider Kid liked seeing the lessons and helping work through the problems before she tried them on her own. There are also downloadable student handouts with most lessons that you can print and use as worksheets.

With the Subscription Service, you have access to all grades and all subjects. This is designed mainly for traditional school teachers to use as pre-designed and arranged lesson plans. With that said, we’ve been enjoying using this in our homeschool! I love how the lessons really are “Ready to Teach”! There was no prep work aside from printing the handouts. I can just sit down and go through the lesson with my student/s.

You can begin a free 30 trial of Educeri by going to their website.

You can connect with Educeri via…

Twitter:   @educeri

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Educeri Lesson Subscription Service

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids – Starter Set 1 ~ Review

 Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

I know it is still summer, but we’ve been busy on the TOS Crew reviewing some great products! My girls had really been begging to learn Spanish. I had several years of it in High School but that was a LONG time ago. We had been looking for a program to start on when Foreign Language for Kids by Kids came up in the vendors. We grabbed up the Starter Set 1 and have had a blast using it!

Foreign Language for Kids by Kids is a super fun program to use and was voted “Top 100 educational website of 2016” by They offer Spanish and Chinese classes, Online Spanish program, Videos, Games, Workbooks, and more. They offer Starter Sets and Online Access for your convenience and learning style.

You can start a free trial of the Spanish Program here. Their members ships range from one month subscription – two year program access.

The lessons are set as full immersion lessons. All the video is in Spanish but includes fun graphics, creative pictures to explain the words, and mini skits that entertain and keep the attention of the viewer. This approach helps add new words to your vocabulary and review words already learned. You can learn foreign language quickly as you apply it to daily life.

Find Foreign Language for Kids by Kids on Facebook! They share fun “word of the day’s”!

Also Checkout 5 tips for learning a foreign language for some great info to get you started on your foreign language journey!

We received the Starter Set 1. We were excited as soon as we opened the box and dug into all the goodies!


Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review
Included in this set are…

~A 20 week curriculum guide (teacher guide) that is packed with lesson plans, game ideas, and activities that will help you schedule your lessons and gather your materials.

~A DVD containing three videos for you to watch and have a great time laughing with. Videos are Basketballs Aren’t for Breakfast, The Little Magic House Part 1, & The Little Magic House Part 2.

~ 3 workbooks, one to use with each video. These are consumable and you will need one per student.

~ Sticker Set that are super fun!!!!! You and your student get to label items around your house and begin using Spanish in your everyday tasks.

~ Flashcard set that include pictures and Spanish words that are learned in each video. These are also used in games through out the curriculum guide.

Here is how we are using the curriculum…

This has been a great program that we have looked forward to using each day! We start by watching the video or segment of a video. This usually takes 5-15 min. depending on where we are in the video. Day one starts out as just watching a few minutes of the video and works u to watching the entire thing.

After that we discuss what we have seen and clarify any new words used or learned.

Then we complete the activity page in the workbook. After that we take a break and come back later to a game.

The flashcards the girls use independently to review words or play the games suggested in the curriculum guide. One is a version of “go fish” using the graphic cards and the Spanish word cards.

We have learned alot of new Spanish words and enjoy using them throughout our days! We can say that Foreign Language for Kids by Kids ~ Starter Kit 1 is Me Gusta!!!!!!

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Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

Self-Paced Bible by Veritas Press Review


Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
Are you looking for an interactive and fun way to get your kids interested in studying the Bible? If so, look no farther than Self-Paced Bible by Veritas Press! Thanks to TOS crew I get to review another great product!

Veritas Press offers several “self-paced” curriculum including history, Bible, and Omnibus (history, theology, & literature from a biblical view). As well as other on-line curriculum, and the subscription. (I received the subscription.)

Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
Veritas Press is an award winning curriculum that found a better way for kids to become excited about learning. It is used by many homeschools and classical Christian education systems.

I love their mission statement! “Restoring Our Culture for Christ…One young heart and mind at a time!” That truly expresses my desire for my kids lives to be Christ centered and the reason that I am so involved in children’s ministries within my denomination. Children are the present and future of our churches and our nation. I have seen many families turned around because of one child having a desire to be at church and from there changing the way they live. The best way to do that is to get kids excited for Christ and teaching them what His word says. That can often be a hard to do when they don’t understand the Bible or during some of the dryer books.

 Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review

That is where Self-Paced Bible comes in! It brings the stories to life through videos that are realistic and fun. My children sometimes get tired of the cartoon Bible stories. At Veritas Press they used real actors in combination with imagination to teach the stories. A great combination!


Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
I received the Subscription which gave me 1 yr access to all three self-paced modules which are Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua, Old Testament 2: Judges to Kings, and New Testament 1: The Gospels.  Also coming soon are Chronicles to Malachi and Acts to Revelation.

This option also allows you to set up multiple children and track individual student progress. A great option for the entire family to use.


Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
Each of the self-paced cources has 128 lessons covering 32 biblical events. They include the interactive teaching, games, & video. Songs are included to help with chronology of events.  The course will help your student/s become familiar with different stories and lessons in the Bible, as well as, memorize names, dates, places, and how God worded in the biblical times. It is more than just reading the pages in a Bible. It brings the stories to life in multi-sensory ways that promote learning in fun and exciting ways.

Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
Here is the kicker, Each unit is $179. But, you can have a free trial of the subscription by clicking here. It is a bit on the expensive side, but to me it is worth the price since it is the most important subject that can be taught. Teaching your kids to have a life long relationship with Christ and learning His word so that they can have a hungry for it.

Find Veritas Press on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review