Rain, Rain, Go Away!

rain rain go away


We have had several days of rain and thunderstorms in SE Kansas. We are all ready for a nice day!!!! Today has been that day.

We started off the day with a field trip. It is funny that only 5 short years ago we made a trek to Mitchell Family Farm  to see animals. Today WE were the field trip! haha Fourteen kiddos form a local preschool came by to see our little family farm.

They had such a good time milking, feeding the baby goats, pet chickens big and little, and see farm fresh eggs. We moved the milk stand and animals up closer to the drive way and patio due to all the rain we have been getting. I don’t have a canoe big enough to float them all to the barn. haha

After the morning excitement we settled into school for the day.

This afternoon I got a welcomed delivery from my Daddy! Spring is really here when the garden veggies start showing up!!!!! I’m so thankful for his talent and hobby. I can’t grow a thing!!!



This afternoon we had some good ‘ol dirty fun!!! The good thing about all the rain is there are lots of puddles begging to be jumped in, and I have the perfect jumpers!!!!!





20150420_170504 20150420_170505

I found some more puddle lovers on the farm too!!!!



Hope you had a happy Monday!!!!